Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quiz: What do yoga and crazy-hot sex have in common?

Arching your back like a vixen?  Thinking “I should do this more often”? Sleeping like the dead afterwards?

Buzz, one of my two stories in the Harper Collins anthology URL Love, is set at a health retreat.  A seriously serious health retreat.  No meat.  No iced vovos.  No talking.  And definitely, definitely no mobile phones.

So what happens when a good girl breaks the golden rule?

Buy URL Love to discover which position is even better than downward dog.

Ros J

Buy URL Love: From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories.



  1. Hi, Ros and Ali!

    Ros, congrats on having not one but *two* stories pubbed in 'URL Love'! I read the fantastic 'Blast From the Past' on the way to work this morning, and now on the train journey back, I'm gonna enjoy 'Buzz'!

  2. Wow thanks Vanessa I am so glad you are enjoying the book! Would love to hear which one you like more...? Ta xx

  3. Oh, Ros, that's like asking me which one of my cats I love most! I'd say it was a photo finish with 'Blast From the Past' *just* pipping 'Buzz' at the post. They were both clever and fun stories!