Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anatomy of a Book Launch by Ali

Have a kick arse book.

Look fabulous. Check.

Invite lots of fabulous people.

Have Champagne. Lots of Champagne. Check!

Have an important person do the actual important stuff. Check.

Have witty speeches full of amusing anecdotes that don’t go on forever. Check.

Our fabulous agent Clare Forster officiated!

Do a reading that makes people laugh. Check.

 Sign like crazy! Check.



Thanks to all out fabulous peeps - family and friends - many of whom had travelled great distances  to be with us. We had a blast and we sold out!!!

Anyone been to any good signings lately?


  1. Maate! Forgot to tell you your book is in the Target catalogue this week!!! Dammit, sure wasn't on the shelves when I got there :-(

  2. Hey P!
    Catalogue is good! No books is bad :-( also in big w catalogue

  3. Thanks for awesome checklist! With my first book launch rapidly approaching, I needed it. And congrats on your fabulous one :)